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Hunt & Fish with Confidence in Maine and New Brunswick!
Hunting and Fishing at Stony Brook Lodge - Maine
Bear Hunt with Hounds Bear Hunt over Bait

This hunt is one of the most exciting hunts in the Northeast. We have 14 highly experienced proven bear hounds to find and track your Black Bear with. Our dog handlers have been running hounds since their youth and work as a team with the hounds on the hunt. You get to participate in the hunt by helping handle the dogs. You will also earn an appreciation of the dog's ability to track and run this admired trophy animal and your guide's knowledge of his dogs and the game you are hunting. We use state of the art telemetry tracking equipment to follow and track our hounds. While this is a highly successful hunt it also allows the hunter the opportunity to size up the bear with the help of an experienced guide. You are under no obligation to shoot anything that does not meet your standards. Hound hunting gives the hunter the unique opportunity to practice catch and release! The average bear weighs about 170 pounds but we have taken bear weighing over 600 pounds! Our success rate for this hunt averages 95%. Hound hunters, in the month of October, can take advantage of the grouse hunting while in chase, so plan on bringing your shotgun as a bonus.

Paul Takes a Nice Bear with Hounds

Maine has the largest black bear population in the Northeast and we are committed to helping you bag one of these trophy animals. We personally guide and transport you to your baited bear stand, bait your site for you, and pick you up after shooting hours. While you are on stand we are baiting other sites in the area to insure that you have an active site later in the week, if needed. We have approximately 250 sites that are kept active by baiting every day. The bear are baited with special baits and scents that will draw the bears from long distances and will keep them coming back. We put you on active bait sites but recommend you move after two days if you have not killed. This helps increase your odds. All tree stands are portable ladder stands 12 to 14 feet high. Tree stand shots vary from 12 to 20 yards. Bow stands offer 12 to 14 yard shots. We also have numerous ground blinds which offer more comfort and longer shots. We have some of the best hounds in the state to track your bear should you happen to wound him. We hunt the Western Mountains of Maine and Rangeley Lakes region, which provides an abundance of trophy game. The bear hunt over bait gives the hunter an opportunity to go one on one with this admired trophy animal.

Four Bear Taken the First Week
Moose Hunting

Maine has a healthier population of this incredible animal than anywhere else in the continental USA. A permit drawing controls this trophy hunt. Applications are available on-line at If you are fortunate enough to draw a permit we can show you where the trophy moose are plentiful. The body weight and antler size of the Maine moose is world class. Success rates are extremely high. Most of the time, moose hunting is done driving on old wood roads, scanning old cuttings where this animal spends much of its time feeding. We also encourage walking the outskirts of the cuttings hoping to come across a moose bedded down. Our guides are also versed in the art of calling. We can be flexible with the type of hunting you prefer. Let Stony Brook Outfitters make this once in a lifetime trip one to remember. Zones we guide in are 8, 7, 14, & 12 (Oct. only).  More information on the Maine Moose hunt can be found by clicking on the following link.

Deer Hunting

Harvesting a trophy Maine buck is truly a memorable experience and will test the skills and abilities of any hunter. Our guides know the area we are hunting and concentrate on areas where there is evidence of big bucks. Our experienced guides are looking for the big rubs and active scrapes. Our terrain consists of rolling hills with a healthy mix of hardwoods and softwoods. We have swamps, beech and oak ridges, some farm land and an occasional abandoned apple orchard. We hunt over active scrapes, rubs, deer trails and feeding areas. We will assist the hunter in putting up a portable tree stand (if he/she wants to bring one), or we can make a ground blind. We also encourage still-hunting, which can be described as "sneak and peek."

Maine Whitetail Deer Rub 

One has to move very slowly, hunt into the wind, and be aware of the surroundings. Knowing how to read a compass and having a GPS is also helpful. Patience is very important. Big bucks don?t often make mistakes. Our Maine woods offer a challenging opportunity to bag a buck of a lifetime. Maine's Western Mountains are noted for their trophy size deer. In addition to deer, also in season and covered by your hunting license is bear, coyote, rabbit and partridge (roughed grouse). We do not charge any extra if you are lucky enough to tag any of these additional animals during your deer hunt.

Walt Shows His Trophy Whitetail Deer 

Bobcat Hunt with Hounds

Bobcat hunting is one of the most exciting, physically challenging and highly productive hunts in the Northeast. It is done by traveling woods roads early in the morning, whether by 4-wheel drive or snowmobile, looking for respectable cat tracks to put the dogs on. The dogs will either tree the cat, hold it at bay or you might get a shot at it with a shotgun. Snow conditions are of great importance to this hunt. Hunters should be in good physical condition. It can get very cold so we recommend that you bring long underwear, heavy socks, shirts, pants, a sweatshirt with a hood, vest, cold weather pants, a cold weather coat (preferably with a hood), mittens, felt lined packs and a boot dryer.

We will go where necessary to insure that you get the best snow conditions for your hunt. This is a six day hunt. You arrive Sunday afternoon and depart the following Sunday morning.

Master Guide Bob Parker with Warden and His Bobcat
Truck for Bobcat Hunts



Bass Fishing at its BestMaine is well known for its abundance of waterways which support numerous fish species. Our area has numerous lakes, ponds, streams and rivers which host Land Locked Salmon, Togue (Lake Trout), Rainbow and Brook Trout, and Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. We do not guide fishing trips (we can recommend a guide) but many of our hunters take advantage of overlapping seasons to wet a line. You need to provide your own fishing gear, bait, lures, etc. Bring your own boat to really take advantage of this opportunity.


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