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About Sunset View Lodge - New Brunswick

Sunset View Lodge has been in operation for over 100 years. We purchased the lodge in 1993 after working there overseeing the operation for five years. This allowed for a smooth and uneventful transfer of ownership. Plus, having operated Stony Book Lodge in Maine for 13 years prior to taking on this operation, we were fully versed in knowing what it takes to make a successful bear camp. We make the same commitment for our Spring Bear hunts – to make your hunt productive as well as memorable. We specialize in the Spring Bear hunt in New Brunswick. Our hunter to guide ratio is 3 to 1, in accordance with New Brunswick law. We limit the number of hunters per week to match this ratio thus keeping our commitment for personalized service. We provide all meals, lodging, transportation to and from the hunting area, and guide services. Prices are all inclusive, with the exception of your hunting or fishing licenses and the gun permit. There are no gate or hidden fees.

Although we do not guide fishermen out of the lodge, we do supply our Spring bear hunters with boats, motors and gas at no additional cost. You can wet a line and try your luck with the numerous Smallmouth Bass, Landlocked Salmon, White Perch and Pickerel that inhabit the lake. We do offer unguided fishing trips at reasonable rates during the spring bear hunting season. So if you are not interested in hunting, you can still take advantage of our hospitality and services.

In addition to great bear hunting and fishing, bring your ATV. You can ride hundreds of miles on unrestricted trails and wood roads. The best riding available in the Northeast – right from your cabin door!

Sunset View Lodge originally was a fishing camp nestled on the shore of Palfrey Lake on the southern end of the East Grand Lakes that separate Maine and New Brunswick. In 1971 Spring Bear was added to the venue. The lodge is located just seven miles over the Maine / New Brunswick border. The rustic setting is easily accessible by vehicle although the road can be muddy in the early spring so 4-wheel drive is recommended. The lake is only a stone's throw from the cabins. We transport you out to the stands that consist of permanent tree stands or ground blinds. Our stands provide natural camouflage cover but clear shooting lanes. Many of our bait sites have been in existence for over 30 years and are in the heart of fir and cedar country – the perfect habitat for bear. In addition to great bear hunting and fishing, bring your ATV. You can for ride hundreds of miles!
Maine Map of Our Lodge Locations

Sunset View Lodge has a main lodge where the dining room is located. There are two bunk rooms upstairs over the kitchen / dining room, each of which can accommodate 6 people. We have 3 cabins, all of which contain a woodstove, gas refrigerator, gas stove, gaslights, a toilet and running water. Two of the cabins can accommodate 6 people each and one holds two. These rustic cabins are unique and charming. Plenty of room to spread out, and you can enjoy the view of the lake from your screened porch. Each group will have their own cabin or bunkroom. The shower house provides hot showers with a gas hot water heater and all water is gravity fed. The generator is run periodically during the day and every evening providing lighting for meals and skinning.

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Sunset View Lodge, New Brunswick, Main Lodge
Sunset View Lodge, New Brunswick, Main Lodge
Sunset View Lodge, New Brunswick, View of the Cabins
Sunset View Lodge, Cabins
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