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Hunt & Fish with Confidence in Maine and New Brunswick!
Hunting / Fishing / Cabin Rentals at Sunset View Lodge
Spring Bear Hunting over Bait

New Brunswick is noted for its abundant population of Black Bear and we do everything in our power to help you harvest one of these trophy animals. We personally transport and guide you to your bear bait stand, bait the site for you, and pick you up after shooting hours. We have approximately 150 bait sites that we keep active by baiting every day. The bear are baited with special baits and scents that will draw the bears from long distances and will keep them coming back. All hunters are put on active bear stands and we move you every two days if you have not scored. All tree stands are permanent stands 12’ to 14' high. Tree stand shots vary from 12 to 20 yards – Bow stands offer 12 to 14 yard shots. We also have numerous ground blinds that offer more comfort and longer shots. All stands are strategically located to provide cover for the hunter and natural habitat for the game. Although the average weight of a spring bear is slightly less than in the fall, you will not find a more plush or soft bear hide and the hide squares the same as a fall bear. The average bear weighs 150 pounds but we have taken bear weighing over 500 pounds. Our weights are actual scaled weights – not estimates!

Although we do not guide fishermen, we provide our Spring bear hunters with boats, motors and gas at no additional cost. You need to bring your own life jackets and fishing tackle (i.e., rods, reels, flies or lures etc.)

We Now Offer a Second Bear Opportunity in New Brunswick
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Spring Bear at Sunset View Lodge, New Brunswick
5 Day Sport Fishing Package: Unguided

Palfrey Lake, one of the southern most lakes of the East Grand Lakes, is historically known for its impressive ability to produce trophy Landlocked Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, White Perch and Pickerel. This body of water, with its rocky shoreline and bottom, provides incredible habitat for fishing and excellent lake structure to produce trophy fish.

We provide the sport fisherman with a dedicated 14 ft aluminum boat, with a 15 horsepower outboard motor and all the gas you will need. Your cost includes your meals, lodging, and the boat, motor and gas. You need to provide your own life jacket and fishing tackle (i.e., rods, reels flies or lures, etc.)

Outfitter Bob Parker with a Plafrey Lake Bass
Palfrey Lake

  Summer Cabin Rentals  
  Spend a week on beautiful Palfrey Lake enjoying the peaceful days topped with spectacular sunsets. The rustic cabins have gas refrigerators, stoves and lights. Each has running water and flush toilets. The shower house provides hot showers. Come and enjoy the beauty, the serenity and the relaxation. Incredible ATV riding is available as well!  
  View of the Lake from Sunset View Lodge   
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